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Feeling heavy from the energy that’s building

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Feeling heavy from the energy that’s building

It’s super important that you see past the current static and interference today. If you’re feeling heavy from the energy that’s building… find something that you can think about positively and envision you in that moment, while you’re in this one.

Sit with what you know is true… and not what could happen and don’t entertain the illusions that come up when you’re being triggered. As the cosmic alignments occur, you will feel it. Solstice, Saturn and Jupiter and the upcoming full moon mean BIG energy, and the conclusions and beginnings of new cycles. As above, so below.

Don’t mistake the turmoil of the outside as your own. Today is a good day to center. Once you get past the static… you emerge… that’s right… YOU emerge. Even you will see yourself differently. You’re like a mountain, strong and impervious to the wind that’s blowing.

Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love 💖🙏

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