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Fall and be in it… or ascend it

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Fall and be in it… or ascend it

There is a numbness in the energy. From the collective, that tells me it’s the quiet before the storm. It means that we’re in the in-between when potential energy becomes kinetic.

If you remember as a kid climbing up the big ladder to the top diving board… and all the excitement and fear building as you are climbing to the top, (which is taking forever, how high is this?)… and you walk to the edge and look down… And so the space we’re in right now… is like the moment when the fear and excitement energy leaves you, and you become numb and you start your jump. You haven’t left the board yet… but you have decided to go… And like that, here we are and that’s what we’re feeling.

So this is big energy that is affecting everyone. You are at the edge and you know there is a tug. You have two options… fall and be in it… or ascend it. When you ascend this type of energy, it means that you witness and experience but aren’t as negatively impacted.

Law of attraction is often misused to describe how to manifest. It’s not a category of its own as sold (that’s a gimmick). Law of attraction is a product concept – which means, that nothing happens until the work is done. In all cases, law of attraction is the result of your being-ness. Your being-ness is how you process all the energy you receive and then transmit back out – naturally. It’s your vibrational resting rate.

Here’s an example, please be patient: On a scale of +1 to +10 and -1 to -10… and you are a +2… you will draw to you those things that are in the same vibration as your resting rate… which are +2 things. The law of attraction gimmick is teaching you how to consciously put yourself into vibration for that which you want. The flaw or fraud of this, is that you can’t maintain conscious-ness for just that one thing when your life has many more aspects that call your attention away.

So what your REAL law of attraction is… is what your vibrational resting rate or being-ness is… which is what you are praying all day long (hopefully that +2). Also, because the 3rd dimension is about dualism, there are anti-forces working against your +2 energy (in order to balance the energy).

So if the collective is hovering at a (-1)… and you are at a (+2)… you’ll see and understand what’s going on in the world… but you won’t experience all of its negative aspects directly, or as intensely, if you don’t let it get you down. You’ve heard that before! So in this simplified explanation, this is what it means to ascend this energy.

Take this moment in-between when the potential energy becomes kinetic… when you are numb to all the fear and excitement… and align yourself now before you go. You can jump and fall… or you can fly.

Much love 🙏💖

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