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Expect events to change

Expect events to change

I’ve been considering what other psychics have been seeing over the last year… and the timing has been off by everyone I’ve been watching. I’ve had the same issue on having strong sight about something and thinking it’s going to occur sooner than it does.

So when you’re dealing with all the forces and energies, there are several outcomes that can happen. So the timing and manifestation of a particular outcome is based upon all the actions of all the things between here and there that must occur for that outcome to happen… you’ve heard this described as “time lines”.

You’ve also heard that time lines can change, based upon what changes between here and there. Timing has and will always be an issue “when you see” because energy changes form, and when that happens, what was felt strongly gets transmuted into something else – with its correlating after-effects. The timeline and the energy of it all are one and the same – what is felt is the seeing of the manifestation process.

So today, now, it’s super important that you’re not focused on some time in the future when things will improve… or there will be some justice imposed on evil-doers around the world… or …..

Instead, focus on how you are doing and what kind of person you’re becoming.

When you are vibing higher than the circumstances playing out around you, you may witness, but you can ascend the participation part. Together, we have the energy to change all time lines. But we’re looking for permanent change and that will only occur when each of us changes our being-ness to the good, permanently. You can help the world just by how you live in it.

Focus on how you can bring love into situations where it’s easier not to. Don’t run from those opportunities.

Focus on how you being open, helps everyone else to be open too. There is a lot of fear. Fear means finger-pointing because if we blame {whatever}, it’s not ours to deal with. Just show up with some love. It’s needed.

All time lines can be improved with love – you may or may not have known what you’ve been doing. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love 💖🙏

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