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Energy of delays

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Energy of delays

The energy today has a pause to it… much like when the pendulum has swung to its furthest point… and then the moment it hangs there – before falling back down. We’re in the moment it hangs there… feeling for most of today and then we’re back in motion.

When the energy is like this – we tend to be less detail oriented. It doesn’t mean the details don’t need to be covered, just that we might want to put some added awareness so that we don’t miss a few of them.

So when a lot of people are in this type of space, it creates breakdowns in the smooth flow of things. It’s the energy of delays in what are normally efficient or fast services.

Knowing how the energy works helps you to be in it, without you being influenced by it unconsciously. If you can make sure you get done the have-to’s in your day… and then be ok going along with how the rest unfolds.

Many blessings and much love 💖🙏

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