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Do you, the world will catch up

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Do you, the world will catch up

Today, do you, the world will catch up.

If you took a glass of water and divided it out in droplets… there would be a lot. And if you were one of the droplets in a sea of droplets… are you needed? What if you say, “I quit this glass, no one knows me really,” and you find a gap in the wood and leave. Would the glass notice? What if other droplets felt like you did, and they left, how long before the glass notices the level has lowered? The thing is, you are missed because you’re part of what’s missing, EVEN IF you don’t think anyone notices. Ultimately, when the results of how things have changed appear, everyone notices then. That’s when they look to see what has changed… and that’s when the accounting starts. You are and will always be missed – because you’re not seeing it now means others aren’t seeing it either. Be you. Do you. And the world will catch up. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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