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Coming from love is a good place to be

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Coming from love is a good place to be

Today, the space you’re holding.

This isn’t the time to wait and see what happens. The right activity is important right now. Not tomorrow and not next week, but today. It’s about getting ready. The outside issues you’re facing will take care of themselves. You can’t control how it happens for you, but you can control how you respond. It is the space you’re holding that you want to focus on. We are in a time of transition and the best way to walk through this patch is to be solid in yourself and what you want to put out. In those times when the good has been made bad and the bad, good… there are those who come here to help correct the inversion. The idea that you can and will do good in the midst of chaos… is why you’re here. It’s what’s needed and you become a pillar for the energy to flow forth and bring balance to what is not in balance. It’s why it is so hard here. Because we can change the makeup. But if we have the power to change things… it means we also have responsibility in the way things are. Each of us, by what we’re be-ing, instantly affects the space we’re holding. Coming from love is a good place to be. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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