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Come to terms with what troubles you

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Come to terms with what troubles you

I can always feel when we’re coming to a New Moon. The last few days before, energy is in the final bring it out and up stage… so for many, it’s easy to lean negative based upon what’s being brought up in you.

When we don’t take these reminders and signs we’re given and use the energy to dispel what is troubling us, we keep seeing it and feeling it over again until we do. Over time, unresolved small troubles turn into physical ailments.

Just because you were wrong, or thought the way you went about things was legitimate at the time, or that you acted appropriately and still you got burnt and are carrying negative emotions about it… in all of these cases, it comes down to what’s yours, theirs and circumstance. You can only change what’s yours.

When you do, you have to accept the new version of yourself instead of the old one you’re feeling guilty about. Do you mourn the weeds after you’ve pulled them out, exposing the good and leaving more room and nutrients for what you want to grow to grow? Of course not. Why do you hold onto your weeds?

Today come to terms with what troubles you. Is it fixable by you? If not, let Universe handle it. If it is yours, then accept what you’ve learned and apply the knowledge where applicable. Accept that you are different now and so let go of the version that’s not you, you have outgrown that. Believe in yourself… and the you, you are now, and you’ll see. Go ahead and set your intentions. Much love 💖🙏

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