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Choose love over fear

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Choose love over fear

Today, rarely is it the worst.

It’s hard not to project what your fear is about something. If you’re faced with a challenging thought or feeling, it’s important that you quickly dismantle the worst case scenario. Rarely in your personal experience have you faced “the worst case”. It’s usually somewhere in the top 20% of issues… so sit with that. Review your past and confirm that your previously bad moments, rarely became your worst. So if you are faced with a new circumstance that poses risk, focus on the solution first, not the potential negative effects. If your intention is to think the right thing, say the right thing and do the right thing for all parties, and that is the spirit in how you approach your pending challenge, then Universe will help you to resolve it in a loving way and reduce the pain and suffering for everyone involved. If your spirit is on loss, lack, disappointment, anger or “why me?”… then you are fueling any action in that spirit, which makes a good outcome impossible because Universe will deliver that too. Today invites you to choose love over fear. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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