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Change things for the positive

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Change things for the positive

Today you might find that energy seems unwieldy and raw. It’s a day for strong impulses and it can power you and also short you out. How the energy affects you depends on what’s going on with you and how you’re processing the flow. Are you able to ascend the energy or transmute what you’re taking on?

Being triggered gives you the opportunity to define what’s important to you – to improve your awareness – to overcome what has been a limitation for you. But it requires that you envision what’s going on around you as not personal, even though it feels like it a lot of times. Today, it’s easy to let things rub you the wrong way if you let it. Don’t let what’s going on with someone else become what’s going on with you.

Look inside, and offer loving thoughts instead of reacting from anger or disappointment. You have the opportunity to change things for the positive… and that can ripple into other areas and have a lasting effect. So go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love. 💖🙏

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