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But you have to ask for it

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But you have to ask for it

Today, something special happens inside.

When something special happens inside you, do you stop to feel it… to allow it to wash over you and for you to appreciate and fully absorb it? I’m talking of when you’re being worked on. This is an inside thing and may last for just a few seconds or it may continue on for what seems like minutes. It’s like love. You really can’t describe all of what it is fully. But once you’ve been in love, and you meet another who’s been in love… there is an understanding about love you share beyond what vocabulary can represent. It’s like that too when you have been shown and physically felt the positive transformation over you. It’s like a hand reaching to you through another dimension that heals you, refreshes and renews you. It’s in that moment you realize that there is something special we are supposed to awaken to. But you have to ask for it. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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