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Ask yourself if it’s still true today

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Ask yourself if it’s still true today

Today, afraid of nothing.

A theme of late for many of us is about a big past issue. It keeps coming to the surface and it is the reason you are not moving forward. It’s no surprise to you and yet, you still haven’t resolved it. This is the linchpin to you stepping fully into this next cycle.You know these feelings are not helping you. In fact, they are preventing you from accessing the opportunities you see. This issue is in direct conflict with who and how you want to, and have to approach the world now. You must either choose to accept whatever it is and dispel it, or you are choosing by your non-action to incorporate it into this next cycle… causing you more dis-ease, growing in intensity, until you will be forced to address it. If you are challenged by this right now, you can fix it right now and unlock door to your cage. Focus on the issue. Get to the core of it, not what’s really causing you pain, but before that. Ask yourself if it’s still true today. Listen to the answer even if it’s not what you want to hear. For most, you’ll figure out you were afraid of nothing. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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