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Applying all that you know in the highest way

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Applying all that you know in the highest way

Today, you can’t stay angry forever.

You need to be you. That means that you can’t stay angry forever. You can’t stay within yourself forever. You can’t hide who you are and how you feel forever. Ultimately it comes out. In small ways like not giving of yourself fully in what you are doing or who you’re being with… and in big ways like when others reach out from love and you just can’t return it. When you are not coming from a loving spirit, you are not open to receive. You do not have access any longer to those forces and beings that openly communicate with you in that frequency. You are left with only those forces that are here, materially, in this plane and place which… is the lower forces who want and need you to be here. It is the ‘why’ Jesus says to “turn the other cheek.” Because by duplicating the offense as punishment, the after-effects scar all of the families and even the community in which they live. So the damage persists and most times, festers and grows into generations. When an ill happens to you, it’s not about retaliation. You didn’t want to experience what you did, why would you want to inflict it? Who’s turn after that? Only from love comes understanding, understanding comes from those forces and beings who guide and assist you, and from understanding comes wisdom. Which is about you applying all that you know in the highest way here. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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