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And you will manifest it

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And you will manifest it

Today, you charge the space with your love.

Everyone needs and deserves blessings. When you wish good things earnestly for someone else, it changes your vibration. When you put your energy into beneficial feelings, you charge the space with love. And anything that comes into that space will be effected by the energy of your love. That is what we mean when we think of manifestation. If you can truly feel that your wishes have come true, that you are experiencing them now and that they still, upon receipt, feel good to you, then you will manifest it. It works this way when you manifest for others too. So these are conscious efforts until with practice and repetitiveness, the practice changes us into what we have been practicing. So we manifest consciously with our practice until we can manifest the same unconsciously… and this is how you can change and grow your being-ness. This is how you ascend this place and receive your inheritance. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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