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All positive things grow from moments like this

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All positive things grow from moments like this

Today, kindness of small things.

We are programmed that big is better. We look for the big view… the big house… and the lots of other things we place importance on. But as we reach out to find those things that will bring us what we’re looking for, we learn that once we have them, the positive feelings fade. What stays with us, are the moments when we are touched by kindness. If you think back on all the times when you were humbled in a positive way… like when someone did something very thoughtful for you… it wasn’t the gift, but that they reserved it and gave it to you. When you rescue the bug from drowning, among all sorts of other small things, compassion and awareness compel the best from you. When you offer good will to others, all positive things grow from moments like this. What nourishes us is always in the shadow of what doesn’t. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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