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A very intense time

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A very intense time

It’s the day before the full moon and lunar eclipse – are you feeling it? 🙏 Welcome to a very intense time in the upcoming month energetically. The build up you are experiencing will be like a heat lamp. So it’s on… and you feel the warmth building and then it gets too hot… cuts off… you cool down really quick… and then full blast again… so it’s going to be a cycle like that. This is a powerful layer of energy that’s within a bigger body of energy that began in September and will last throughout February 2021… that’s what I’ve been shown.

So this next month has a very strong signature and you’ll notice it in yourself and others – which means that you don’t want to act rashly, harshly because you’re fed up with “whatever” is going on. Extra breaths. It’s important to build pictures in your mind that show you are abundant (not really money… but it could be too – just don’t make it THE focus). From those pictures, build feelings around this abundance as if you are experiencing that right now. Now… that feeling you just manifested… that’s what prayer really is. You did that consciously… think how much we walk around all day with not so nice thoughts in our head… that lead to not so nice emotions… and we’re praying that all day…

So this intense energy I’m talking about will compound the negative if you’re not managing your frequency. This isn’t the time to go along with the crowd or allow your emotional state to be on auto-pilot. So, sorry to say this, but for most people, we’ll have an increase in more bad praying, which builds more bad energy as cosmic influences fuel and foster it. BUT that doesn’t have to be you.

So don’t add to the collective in that way. Remember, there are equal forces in this dimension, but it doesn’t mean equal dispersion. So (super simplified here for example) 1 person could receive the energetic benefits that 10 others could be receiving… but the 10 are not because they are not at the frequency to do so. Energy is in constant motion so the 1 receives it all in this case – and the negative is shared by the many. (Again – super simplified)… But everyone has the ability and the inheritance awaiting them to share in the good! Btw, it would be to everyone’s benefit if the good were shared by more and more… hard to understand if you’re caught up in the programming of scarcity that’s brainwashed humanity.

Today, this day, step into the real you. Understand it’s ok to be different. You can have and share your knowing without investing if others accept or hear your message. Your job, is to say and show it (to be it). To pray good. You can’t suppress that because that’s suppressing the real you that you are in constant need of expressing. It’s going to get tougher. You’ve experienced enough self-imposed pain. It’s time. You’re ready. There are more of us than you know (here and not here) praying for your success. Much love 🙏💖

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