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A recharging day

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A recharging day

It feels like a recharging day. That means you want to relax and go within. Ask yourself what you want to focus your attention on in the new year. Think about what may have to change for you to accomplish what you want. You’ll see it’s something in you.

As part of your thinking, minimize news and day-to-day programming where most of what you take in are negative stories about the worst in people. It’s the slow death of our souls.

By the way, this isn’t negative time. This is positive time. Use this space to recognize you may need more discipline for you to end bad habits or activities that bring you down. This isn’t a “new year’s resolution”. It’s an acceptance that for you to be what you want you’ll have to do some things differently this next year.

Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love 🙏

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