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A lot of push-pull going on

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A lot of push-pull going on

The question that keeps coming up from everyone is what’s going on with the energy and when is this shaking up going to be over. It’s a lot of push-pull going on and will be going on for another few weeks. We’ve just had a full moon with a lunar eclipse – which is strong energy up to the full moon and after, until the new moon in a few days – which also has a solar eclipse! Then we have the alignment of Saturn and Jupiter on the 21st – is that another “bethlehem star” event?… on the Winter Solstice. A week after, a full moon. So we are in it my friends.

Many are feeling it – this energy and all the unrealized potential good and bad. We are in a time that is special and ominous and filled with strong, polarizing energies. For many of us, we often wonder “why we are here” and if you haven’t heard the call, you will soon.

Just so you know… you are here for now… and what comes next. You are a light when there is darkness. You are a helping hand when everyone else withdraws. You are strong when you see are our brothers and sisters believing in a system that makes all of us weak. You understand what it means to be alone so you can help others to not be alone. You are the bridge between what’s here and what’s out there. It only takes one person to shift an entire room. You are that person. You are that special. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love 🌈🙏💖

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