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The time before a full moon

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The time before a full moon

For many right now, there is an edge… a blurting out… an impulse to say things automatically without thinking… this takes some extra awareness of what you’re putting out.

If you are a sensitive, this will be particularly difficult… so go easy on yourself and you’ll go easier on others. Remember, if you’re not vibing at the same rate as the negative influence… it will be much easier for you. The best way to help you ascend the energy is through a loving spirit. If you’re being brought down, take a moment and see where around you (in you) you can find some love to put on that.

For all of us, this time before a full moon always gets a little tricky. You have this building energy that can help you manifest all sorts of wonderful changes in yourself, and if you don’t work with it, we see its effects at bringing up the negative in us to a point of stalling us out.

So this weekend, be productive but don’t be pushy with yourself or others on driving to get things done. Choose your projects that have best chance for completion after you start – and that don’t take huge hours to complete. This is good to take small steps right now. Soon, all of them together will represent some mileage. It’s good to walk right now, not run.

Save some time for yourself to meditate and pray this weekend. It will help you charge yourself positively.

Be well. Much love. 💖🙏

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