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You’re being asked to trust

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You’re being asked to trust

Many blessings. The energies from our latest Moon events are still strong. Interesting that we had some CMEs during the same time which added some additional electromagnetic currents into the flow. You might have had some body aches and minor ailments arise as a result (added inflammation)… which should be dissipating over the next few days.

And so we are on a new track now. For the next 2 weeks, focus on your good intentions, and let specifics take care of themselves.

You’ll find that if something becomes an issue for you, this is the time to address it, face it and resolve it. Make sure you don’t carry anything forward you don’t have to. I call this minimum effective dose… take only the best and highest good with you and that leaves room for you to add more once you arrive. Don’t take anything more than you need – the rest will be provided.

You’re being asked to trust. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love 💖🙏

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