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You’ll know, believe in it

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You’ll know, believe in it

Do you ever go forward when your instinct is telling you not to? Typically, that ends in your receiving a “lesson”. Instincts are like the yellow line at the center of a road. They help to keep you on track and even give you some advance notice of where the road is going because you can see it in the distance reflected by your lights. It also keeps you out of oncoming traffic and because others have instincts too, allows each of us to pass without harming the other. So why don’t we listen to our instincts? It’s because we fall asleep at the wheel. We zone out, we wake up 30 minutes down the road, not sure how or not remembering the obstacles of getting here… or, we’re awakened with a crash. Today’s energy invites you to reconsider your heart and to listen your instincts. When you’re not sure – reach in to what you feel. You’ll know. Believe in it. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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