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You have light and love in you

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You have light and love in you

For many of us, anxiety about things we have never had anxiety about seems to be a theme. For most, it’s really about stacking… so everything has it’s normal level of tension, but then the added events of the last year and the uncertainty it fosters now, has been a negative influence on our collective psyche.

The building anxiety we’re experiencing is also about a lack of trust… in our governments, in the people we used to look up to… and how that changes our perception of the kind of world we live in.

And so it’s on, the rush to over categorize, to divide each other into the smallest sub groups as we can so we fail to see the big picture going on because we are too immersed in highlighting the smallest of differences.

“What is truthful? Who can we trust? I don’t understand the world anymore, what happens to me if I make a mistake now?” These are some of the questions we ask ourselves when we lose faith that we’re looked after, and when we lose faith in each other.

You are a spark from God – which means you have light and love as part of your being-ness. Recognize that in you.

You were born from love and have purpose. Your life has meaning that extends beyond just your experience.

We are spiritual beings trapped in matter. There is more to you and your soul than what you “see” here.

You are looked after by Spirit and even though it doesn’t feel like it sometimes, Spirit softens the hearts of those who come into contact with you, smoothing your way.

When you approach any situation or person from a loving perspective, it removes the walls that have been put up. Love connects us and always will.

Much love to you and yours 💖🙏

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