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You Are At The Center

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You Are At The Center

You’ll find the energy is primed right now – meaning that it is powerful but requires energy from you to finish off the vibration. So all the parts are there for good experience and bad experience to manifest – it’s just that you bring the final ingredient into how the energy will express. You complete the package.

It works like this all the time – it’s just that right now, you can really see it that it works like this. If you spend your time on things that aren’t moving you forward, on the wrong type of activities, you’ll be pushed way and you’ll find that you are stalled out.

Remove the small, hurdle-causing elements that prevent your easy transition for movement. You are being encouraged to engage, to show up, to plant your flag, to say “this is me, I know who and what I am, and I’m here now.” It’s really not about what’s going on around you – you are at the center.

Ground yourself and put your energy into what you want, what you want to see, how you want to live, and do not put energy into what you’re lacking and want less of. You’re being guided – receive that guidance and apply the information in the right ways.

Many blessings and much love 🙏

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