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Why such the push?

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Why such the push?

If you are not clear on you, on the type of person you are, on the key fundamentals that make you, you… then what IS important inside you will be used as a fulcrum and a tool of influence over you.

Thematically over the last several weeks, our messages have been consistent and emphasizing the need for self-knowing, self-reliance and recognizing what’s important and special to you. You’ve even been given a time frame to place some attention to this.

Because if you look at the landscape, at what history has shown you, at other psychics’ messages, you’ll find similar discussion from them and advance notice that there are big changes on the way.

So why are we shown if we are not supposed to incorporate that information? Why are so many people highlighting what’s coming in the near future? Why do you think that’s important?

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