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Why Do You Feel Delayed?

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Why Do You Feel Delayed?

It’s all happening – but needs a little more time. There is more to this that needs to be worked out before the situation goes forward.

The energy is presenting you with options. But you have to be present and engage. You are an active, willing participant – a co-creator. So remember to focus on that and not the little, negative tweaks occurring.

It doesn’t mean you are consciously making all decisions. But it does mean that you are operating within a certain frequency range and you are attracting, and setting the environment for certain types of energies to be nurtured. That’s the space you’re in.

So if you’re experiencing issues that you’d like to change, you must first ask yourself “what else is happening along with “this?” that needs to change too. Where are the issues similar, where are they different? How many issues are there? It’s all the same issue really, the same energy, manifesting in different directions, feeding the different mouths which are describing all of it, all of what you’re seeing and wanting to change.

Today is good day to stop, and listen to what you’re being told and shown. You’ll find direction received from Spirit – but if you’ll open yourself up, you’ll also see you’re being directed and shown by people and signs too. There is a flow, a way, and it’s up to you to set yourself back upon the right path – all you have to do is look for the right few things to guide you back to center.

Much love 🙏

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