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Where you focus your attention

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Where you focus your attention

Energy is a moving force. It operates outside and inside of you as electric, magnetic and electro-magnetic forces. Through elements, these forces consolidate into matter. When you focus your attention, you are taking these forces and combining them into physical manifestations. Physical, meaning that you will touch or feel their influence in this world. So the challenge is where to focus your attention. You are not supposed to deny or ignore the dark. But you also don’t want to focus your attention there. You can’t stay just in the good either. It’s not possible as energy is continually in motion and in constant change. So focusing your attention on the outside always leads you back to your self. If you look inside you, focus on remedying those things that bring dis-ease in you. When you transmute and dispel that, you find that the world responds in a corresponding manner. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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