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When the Energy is Released

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When the Energy is Released

There has been a general theme over the last month where it feels like 1 step forward, 1 step back. It’s been like you just can’t get the elements of your plan to come together at once and so it’s been about progressing where you can, and letting those items that you just can’t get good traction on, stays on a treading water mode until something opens up there.

It’s all about to change.

Like a valve turning, more and more will start to flow. It’s good that you’ve made progress in the other areas because it would have been too difficult to handle so many things at one time when this opens up.

Check your plans and continue to finish up all the things on your list that you can right now. Those things that still have resistance and are in slow motion, let them continue to marinate.

When the energy is released, it will free all those things that have been bound up and you’ll come to realize that this in-between time has really been a gift to help you put your house in order and to be able to handle the next cycle.

So, don’t get tired or frustrated. Understand this is a temporary and an important time for you to sure yourself up. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Many blessings and much love.

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