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What You Desire Most

What You Desire Most


What is something deep within you that you want with everything in your being? Is it something you feel you just can’t have now, or ever? What if the thing you wish for the most is available to you when you’re ready to receive it?

The universe has an amazing way of delivering to you what you need, all you have to do is ask and put out the intention that you want it and feel it with everything you have. Picture what it would look like, what it would feel like if this desire were fulfilled. If you continue to put it out and feel it deeply, the path for delivering it to you will appear.

We tend to get mired down with the “how” rather than the “what”. Don’t worry about how you will get there or how it will happen for you, just focus on what you want. Let God take care of the how. Just trust and let go.

Have a beautiful day.