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What to do about it

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What to do about it

It’s easy to look at what you’re doing and say, this isn’t working, and because some of it isn’t. But some of it is working… and are you giving yourself credit for that?

There are pieces to you and some have more influence even though they are all the same size. So are you giving more weight to one piece over the others? What is the deficiency you’re feeling in what that one piece represents?

Ok, here’s the hard question… Is that piece fixable by you? Now? Later? At all? Are you capable of giving what you are lacking? Really ask yourself that. There is no judgment or shame in your questions or the answers.

People call this looking at your shadow self. I call this fixing your issues. It’s why you’re here. To step into yourself. This is practical spirituality. You learn and grow in increments and consciously.

So back to it. You’re ultimately trying to understand if you can change your attitude about this one piece. You don’t have to worry about how. Just that you can.

So if you need a 10 in something and in real terms, you are only capable of giving the same at a 7… the real question is… is 7 enough for you to receive and be happy? You might not be receiving a 7 now, are you? But you could. Instead, you’re building your story around a 10 that isn’t feasible because you are not capable of giving a 10.

Second question from here, are you capable of giving out a 10 in the right circumstances? If yes, what we be the right circumstances?

What if this one piece represents a big change? It could. But you will only make a big change when there is more fear that something will stay the same, than fear of what happens in making the change that’s required.

It’s like this… you are on a path… and yet, you aim for the destination. But, it’s the path that we walk that has any value. When you arrive at your destination you will want to go somewhere else. We chase after these big towns even though we find what we really need on the path.

Something to think about. I hope this helpful. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Many blessings and much love.

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