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We’re not even aware of all that’s going on to help us

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We’re not even aware of all that’s going on to help us

Sometimes you’ll notice that it is harder to put yourself into a good space when the energy is growing. Since we have this inhale and exhale occurring every 2 weeks with the Moon, you’d think we’d be able to flush out enough of our negative inclinations so that it would be easier to grow with the energy. So why is it harder to be in a good space when we should be able to because it’s synergetic with the energy occurring? The answer is other outside forces are interfering in your ascension. It means that you may have mastered one dynamic, but you still have others to know. This is for your advancement. Not for material concern, but the treasure you hold already, your soul. It is up to you to make the two into one. You are given help along the way… way-showers… that enter and depart your life leaving you with new ideas and even, showing you how to do some of them. Some are from here and some aren’t. We are not even aware of all that is going on to help us. How can we? When we’re still not in touch with who and what we are… and can do. We are just now becoming. You are the ready. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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