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Universe conspires with you always

Universe conspires with you always

We’re in a period where the energy is building before the Full Moon. That means there is equal opportunity for you to fill your open space with what you want to be, and have, and do… instead of with more feelings of past things.

We all know that the past is the past and yet, we take it with us everywhere we go now and even when we think about the future. That’s why conflict (inside or out) meets us when we work on being present because of this connection to the past and how that vibe doesn’t fit with today’s vibe.

This part of the Moon cycle can push you in either direction – into the past, or into your potential. Universe conspires with you always – you are a co-creator in your reality. Why not create something awesome for yourself? Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love 💖🙏

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