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Treat each thing individually

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Treat each thing individually

Today, love is there around.

When we talk of being open, it’s really about being empty. If you think about something from a negative perspective immediately, then that’s not open. It also means that you’re carrying [that] around with you.

So that little nugget attracts other hidden nuggets inside you, and soon, you are carrying around a rock. I’m sharing this because the energy today feels like it would be easy for small things to turn into big ones.

If you’re feeling that, treat each thing individually, and don’t let them stack together. Solve them as they come, and in the right Spirit, and soon, they will come no more.

As a treat-all today, pause and breath in some love. It’s there, around you. As long as there is light, you have it… and light is the Sun, and Moon, and also held by nature and all the things in nature, and special people… and you.

Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

I’m David and I experience a ‘knowing’ from the energy I read and what I’m shown from Spirit. I channel this information and share my practice with you.

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