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How you shift the energy around you

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How you shift the energy around you

It’s not hard to imagine how much better your world would be if you didn’t have to invest so much of your energy on keeping yourself in a higher space. It’s like wading out into the ocean and trying to keep yourself still in high and low tides. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to stay one thing when everything is in flux around you. There is a law of correspondence which means that you have to respond and transmute energy to shift it. If you are just trying to be a node by putting out a signal and expecting everything to change in response… then really that’s the same as shielding. These practices don’t work and create more suffering because they all create resistance between you and the energy in your environment. The energy is never outside only.It always penetrates and interacts with the existing energy present in you, nature and the cosmos. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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