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Returning home and replenishing the love inside you

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Returning home and replenishing the love inside you

We all have downer thoughts running through our minds. The problem is, we often latch on to these thoughts as they pass by, and travel with them where they go… and it is in this state when our spirit is at its weakest. Being triggered in some way, you forgot about love, replacing it with mental and physical distractions in a vain search for love (ultimately). It’s really about the innate desire within us to return to our spiritual home (our real place of birth) that drives us toward pain, because of the loss we feel in the separation. That is why ascension energy is so important and your practice is the vehicle to take you there. Connecting in to Spirit returns you closer to home, and nourishes you, replenishing the love inside you. This is also what I mean by ascension energy. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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