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Lifting yourself back to you

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Lifting yourself back to you

Sometimes it seems that your life is all about planting and no harvests. We all experience this at times where we work hard but we’re not sure there is any reward coming. But we keep working because we hope that there is or maybe, we hope that we’re not the problem because we just can’t see it, and so we trod on hoping with more time and effort we will. It becomes a pep talk when you wake up and prayers when you go to sleep. But in this space, you stop your practice because your practice wouldn’t allow you to stay there… SO why do you want to feel like you’re feeling? When you ask yourself that – you are now changing the energy and the way your mind is processing that energy. If you answer “NO”, then you’ll begin to feel better almost immediately. If you go to your practice, you’ll lift yourself back to you. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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