Today’s energy reading… filling yourself with something more!

As you move toward the new moon, see if you’re feeling lighter. If you are, that means you’ve been releasing and clearing and you’ll be ready for big expansion energy over the next few weeks. If you’re feeling blocked and heavy, and you are being squeezed right now, it’s Universe guiding you to make a real shift. You can’t fill your cup when it’s already full. To fill yourself with something different means you have to pour out the old. By the way, you never lose what you’ve learned, but to expand your understanding means you have to have the room to consider new information. So know in you that you’ll know what the truth is and you don’t need the old information anymore to determine that. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

Thank you for watching this video, and we hope you find something helpful you can use on your journey 🙂