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Feeling bad about feeling good?

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Feeling bad about feeling good?

When you recognize that you’re feeling better, for many, it becomes tainted because they are waiting on the shoe to drop. They think, when will I be slapped down now? I rarely feel good. What’s wrong with this picture? What am I not seeing? It’s called ascension energy and you get to experience feeling good more and more when you practice your practice. It’s not an anomaly to feel good. We’ve just been conditioned to live in a lower state and accept it as normal. That’s why most people don’t know what prayer is, haven’t experienced the power they have over their demons, and that ascension energy is waiting for everyone. No one can rescue you but you… but there are many teachers for you that can help… and don’t forget, Spirit is always looking out for you too. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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