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Love paves the way

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Love paves the way

Putting away those things you don’t need right now is a good idea. This includes fear and anger. When you carry more stuff than you can use, you wear yourself out, and you wind up focusing on things you brought that actually get in the way of the things you need. It always works like this. It’s our attempt to prepare ourselves against future hurts. But the tools we bring with us don’t help us to avoid future obstacles, but keep us bringing past troubles with us. And so, what we think will help us actually keeps us in the same condition we are trying to remedy. The only way to prepare yourself against the negativity and pain, is to build yourself up by emptying all you carry. You only need to bring love. Instead of gear, love is like a skill and with it, you can craft most solutions you’ll need. In fact, most times, you won’t even need to do anything because love, paves the way. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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