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Staying true to you when you’re triggered

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Staying true to you when you’re triggered

When someone says something to you that ruffles your feathers, how do you respond? I don’t mean on the outside… but what happens to you on the inside? When you become triggered, your whole system reacts. Depending on what the stimulus is, this small event, can stay with you, giving you time to build stories and other negative emotions around what you just experienced. It becomes worse for us because we don’t take the time to clear the feelings and to process the information. We just take the hit and continue to move on. But it’s really not moving on if you take the negative with you. Today, if you’re faced with a challenging interaction, allow some time and introspection so you can transmute the energy. It’s not about avoiding the negative, it’s about staying true to you when you come across it. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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