Today, look inward before you look out.

Being present is a simple concept but hard to practice. We spend a lot of time in the past and the future – but not enough in the now. The funny thing is our future prospects are better with attention to each day instead. The past can’t be changed so spending large quantities of time there is futile. It’s ok to understand what got us here… but that only has limited value. What matters most is that you awake and participate fully in your day. It means saying ‘yes’ when you could say ‘no’. It means trying something new or old again, to see if anything has changed or is something needed. Today’s energy empowers you to look inward before you look out. You’ll experience positive omens and a new perspective if you’ll be open and aware. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

Thank you for watching this video, and we hope you find something helpful you can use on your journey 🙂