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Your energy signature and being in alignment

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Your energy signature and being in alignment

What if what really occurs to you and for you has less to do with your own thoughts on what you want, and more to do with your energy? We’ve all had the feeling when we step into a house and say, “something’s not right here” and leave. Conversely, we’ve also experienced a place that feels good for us and we spend extra time there. These energetic signatures you feel about the space around you are what we all are putting out. And so people and circumstances are pulled toward us and repelled from us based upon our personal frequency and it’s relation to the other frequencies broadcast around us. Some people exude an energy we call charisma… some people are easier to talk to than others. These examples are outward manifestations of the individual’s energy signature. To lift yourself and improve your energy, you have only to place yourself in a loving feeling to be in alignment with your highest energy. Practicing this enough times will change your frequency and thus your thoughts and subsequently your actions. By the way, where do you think intentions come from? Go ahead and set yours now. Much love.

Thank you for watching this video, and we hope you find something helpful you can use on your journey.

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