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We tend to the sparks ignited by Spirit

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We tend to the sparks ignited by Spirit

If you look at the moon and the crescent is facing to the left, the energy is growing – the moon is waxing to a full moon. If you look and the crescent is facing right, the moon is waning and with it, the energy is diminishing. So like the tides, like breathing, there is a natural moon rhythm that influences the collective of our planet. We have forgotten these natural flows and marked them as archaic, as progress paves the way to a 365 day and 24 / 7 lifestyle. You are here because things are changing. And it’s up to those awakened to travel with progress so we remind everyone to remember their connections with the cosmos, the planet, with each other, and with Source and Spirit. It’s up to us to remind those in this world that there is more than what’s here, and to not give it away. We are the world’s fire keepers and we tend to the sparks ignited by Spirit. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

Thank you for watching this video, and we hope you find something helpful you can use on your journey.

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