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This Energy To Help You Drop It

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This Energy To Help You Drop It

When the energy is solid, full and has an agenda, with key time frames along with predetermined aspects, it means you are on a ride 🙂

Your conscious impact and elements of control are not in alignment with your will and It’s hard to maintain focus and emphasis when you are being ridden. When you are taking a secondary role to the energy you’re receiving – you are not co-creating but more like the passenger-seat experiencer. So that means you’re left with putting more attention to the positives on your own – trying to extrude them from the experience yourself and to apply some of those meanings before they are lost.

With energy like this, we are left to pick up the pieces and then we try to connect with friends, teachers, some article or note to give us instruction and meaning. It’s all an outside to in, process. It’s not a “knowing” on the inside first. So that means you take extra time with what you’re being shown right now. It means, that your role is different – you need to check out the approach, make sure you are getting to the areas you need to for the results you to need to have now. You’re in a time when you need to be proactive with your care and that’s all of your care too – health, financial, relationship – It’s a total spot check.

And so this energy will help you to see what needs to be dropped – use it for that – and move on to the other areas and clean those out as much and best you can. Then as the energy changes in the future, use it then for deep cleanings, or to help you clean out other specific areas that it’s more attuned for at that time

Much love!

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