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Things are Going to Take Their Time

Things are Going to Take Their Time

Hi everyone! Many blessings before the lunar eclipse and the Full moon tomorrow.

You’ll be feeling the energy is moving right now but it’s not bringing what you want or need quick enough… it feels that way.

You’ll find that things are going to take their time over this next 30 days to develop. It’s easy to build anxiety or try to move things quicker when you’re feeling this resistance. This will increase your negativity. Go with the flow and minimize activity for activity’s sake. You have to sit with this.

You are entering a transformative stage of the year that will continue to expand and place changes on you. Respond from a peaceful spirit and not out of the disruption caused by changes.

Use your practice to:

ground yourself

calm yourself

solidify the key mantras of your focus (i.e. put your attention to have-to’s)

This energy is also powerful, good energy, healing energy if you’re showing up in the right way. 

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