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These energies change what’s going on inside us

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These energies change what’s going on inside us

The Moon moves through each sign of the zodiac every 2 to 2 1/2 days. The Sun about 30 days. So if you’re wondering why you shift between the highs and lows frequently, look to what the Moon is showing you. Our energy makeup is symbiotic to the etheric, mental and physical planes. So if the Moon has an apparent influence on water… like the tides… then the Moon would also have an influence in those things that contain water. There is different energy emitted as the Moon moves into each of the signs too… and if there are planets in that sign at the same time, then energy is further modified, as the Moon acts to transmute and transmit those combined energies into the planet. All of these forces influence the electro-magnetic makeup of our being-ness. And what we’re really vibing out is our response to these energy lines… and Spiritual, Mental and Emotional pain are triggered and exacerbated by these frequencies. These energies (like a chemical reaction) change what’s going on inside us. So freedom lies in the knowing that the only way to remove their influence on you is to remove in you what they are attracted to. It’s a lot to think about. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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