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The Shift That’s Coming

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The Shift That’s Coming

I want you to know that you have just a few weeks before the energy makes a big shift – toward June ending.

So for now, focus on letting go of things, remove unwanted thoughts and activities that are limiting and of the old system. There is a breakdown as one age ends (Pisces) and the beginning of a a new one (Aquarius) begins. You are living in a transition time. Don’t place your future, don’t create plans founded in the old system.

Use this time to see what manifests and in what direction and happenings occur and what are your best options and opportunities going forward as you see the world adapt new measures. So wait and see first.

As these changes occur, many will give their attention to what’s different, what’s broken, what doesn’t work anymore. Many will attempt to resurrect the past or to rebuild or reset themselves in some revised version that still breathes of this past system. But all of these attempts will be futile ultimately. This system is going away – don’t tie onto a sinking ship. Wait and see what comes together.

In the meantime, find your moments to see and give love. Witness the people, animals, plants, and life that’s bubbling around you. Feel the energy shifting and that you are part of a grand story and that you have an important role to play in this new age that is emerging. What you have learned you will get to apply consciously and unconsciously.

For now, don’t latch onto the chaos or unsettling energy that emerges from what change brings out in people. Don’t react to people’s emotional responses. You’ll find more and more will become snappy or short-tempered and it will be easy to react in like kind. You’ll see how this manifests in others. Make sure you are not building, adding to, and contributing to the negativity as it continues to grow. Remember that there is also good to tap into – most will forget.

Much love and many blessings!

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