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The only thing you need to do right now

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The only thing you need to do right now

Welcome! I’m David and I experience a ‘knowing’ from the energy I read and what I’m shown from Spirit. I channel this information and share my practice with you.

Today, decide.

There is a knowing you have on the inside – are you listening? Sometimes when there are so many options or items to consider, we lose track of the basic commitment we need to move things forward. Ultimately, it’s a ‘yes or no’, ‘stay’ or ‘go’, ‘right’ or ‘left’… that we have to decide on. So find the core to your issue again and be guided.

As you’re following your path, sometimes we don’t get to see too far ahead. Too many bright and flashy things can distract us so we’re shown what we need to see when we see it. It works like that and it’s out of your hands so you can let that part go too. You can’t force it.

The energy today is inviting you to get back to basics and let the Universe deliver what you’ll need. Don’t let all the in-between stuff and change required distract you from the only thing you need to do right now, which is decide. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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