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Tapping Into The Now, Now

Tapping Into The Now, Now

For many of us, seeking has been our way. We’ve been looking for connection, and feeling that connection has been elusive. We have been thinking that it’s something we touch on the outside. When you think it’s something like an event in the past… reaching out is really to just a moment, not to a flow. It’s to something that’s already happened.

Spirit is a living flow – it is not a feeling from the past, that was what Spirit delivered previously – Spirit is a living force. Imagine if you’re seeking something you felt that was so impactful before, that you try to recreate the circumstances around you so that you have that experience again and again? That’s what many of us do in our meditations, in our retreats, in our attempt to tap in. Because it felt so good we reach out and back. Like so many things, we forget that we are reaching for a fabrication, we are reaching for a copy of a moment.

What made that moment special?… You were open to and in the right frequency to actually experience Spirit. And that feeling was so magical that you think you have to find it again somewhere out there – when Spirit has never left. What you’re looking for has never left. It was you… you haven’t been there anymore.

Imagine if you could source yourself from that force now, all the time? You wouldn’t be spending your time seeking a moment that’s been spent and looking for a fabrication.

Why aren’t you seeking a living moment? Why are you not tapped in to the now, now?

Something to think about. Much love 🙏

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