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Take your time

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Take your time

There are different ways to hike. You have the “I need to get from here to there in this amount of time” approach… and you have the “stop and see and explore as you go” approach. In the second option, time isn’t a driver. Today’s energy is asking you to take the “stop and see and explore” approach.

It’s not that time isn’t a factor today – but Spirit wants you to know it’s about noticing all that’s around you – especially the little things. So taking your time is important. This isn’t a fixing day either – so it’s not about fixating on what’s wrong with what you see. It’s about looking at all of it, in a bigger frame and the interrelationships you are witnessing and observing. Take it in.

Today is good for your senses… so take a bath, smell flowers and oils and trees, put your hands and feet in some dirt, eat well and savor it… take your time on these things as you give awareness to what you’re witnessing and experiencing. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love 💖🙏

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