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Supermoon, Eclipse and Full Moon Energies

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Supermoon, Eclipse and Full Moon Energies

Tonight and tomorrow morning we’ll experience a Supermoon, Full Moon and Lunar eclipse. That’s quite a lot going on and we’re talking powerful energies.

First, some definitions from Google…

Supermoons happen because the moon doesn’t orbit the earth in a perfect circle, but rather in an elliptical path. … But a few times a year, the sun, moon and Earth line up just right, so that a perigee coincides with the most dramatic phases of the moon – tonight’s being the Full Moon.

Perigee is the point in the orbit of the moon at which it is nearest to the earth. It is at this time when the Moon has the most gravitational pull which, along with other factors, influence the tides… and the water inside you… and the water in all things.

A lunar eclipse takes place when the Moon moves into the Earth’s shadow. The Earth has to be directly between the Sun and the Moon, and a lunar eclipse can only take place during a full Moon.

Ok… so we have a special alignment with the Sun, Earth and Moon; and the moon is the strongest it can be for the entire year; and then it’s blocked from the Sun during the eclipse… you get this on, off, on… thing going on – but at full power…

All of these cosmic happenings create a shake up energetically. Powerful energies that all are being disrupted by how the Sun, Earth and Moon relate to each other. As above, so below… and these cosmic forces impact everything on the planet in seen and unseen ways, metaphysically.

Imagine being in a warehouse building and the bright lights are on… then they go off… and when they come back on, it’s hard to see and you’re squinting until you acclimate.

Today and tomorrow are days where this event over here, triggers this event, then another, and so on… it’s powerful, and it manifests much quicker than normal.

Think of how this translates directly for you, if you have a negative reaction, then that will lead to another negative event, and so on. Of course, if you respond positively, then that too will bring more positive consequences in the ripple effect. Again, it’s quick moving and events manifest quickly.

Back to Moon forces… so the water in you will be influenced by the on/off/on of the Supermoon, Lunar eclipse and full moon. That means you want to put some extra effort on how you respond, your forcefulness, choosing to get involved or not if you’re not sure how your interjection will create a positive outcome, because many will just jump into the fray over these next 2 days.

Knowing how energy creates a push / pull in you, helps you to know what area inside of you to give extra attention to, especially when forces are strong.

Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love 💖🙏

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