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When You’re Being Stirred Up

When You’re Being Stirred Up

When the energy is moving, in motion, in change, brings about change, is changing… and those forces are both subtle and hard forces, for many, it’s hard to understand how and why they are feeling anxious.

We are connected in an electro-magnetic way. This is what it means when you hear about the “collective conscious”. It is the group energetic feeling of the planet and because of the transition time we are in, you’ll notice more and more disruption in how people react to the stimulus that occurs and triggers them. It means that without some conscious effort, it’s easy to go along with reacting to how others may act and that means adding to pain and suffering and not minimizing it when you’re pulled along. Many are going to be pulled along.

This is why you have a practice. Remember that most negative feelings and actions are a response from or born out of pain. Compassion, understanding and openness can change outcomes immediately and for the long term. Start there.

More and more every day, you’ll have experiences where you can bring your light especially when you look for ways to insert these forces into your interactions. Bring your caring, loving energy. Embody and deliver the Christ Spirit in your workings. Avoid getting caught up in the material. Focus on your healing and the healing, security and care of those around you. That’s what really matters now… this is where your focus should be for this year.

Many blessings and much love 💖

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